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Gift Card Benefits

12 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have A
Gift Card Program

  Gift cards are pre-paid sales that provide up front cash to your business.  Selling gift cards can
   also be compared to as having an interest-free loan.  Your business collects and uses the funds
   from time of purchase till the gift card recepient comes to your business to make a purchase.

  The national average of non-redeemed gift cards (breakage) is 15% - 22%, this translates to

  Gift cards require no inventory and take no floor space

  Gift cards enhance your professional image and put your business on a level playing field
    with major chains

  Gift cards develop brand awareness and become referral cards for new customers

  Gift cards are a means of word-of-mouth advertising 

  Gift cards solve the problem of a gift giver's indecision of what to buy by providing a gift alternative

  Gift cards helps your business attract and retain its customers

  Gift cards have moved to the top of shopping lists - nearly 50 million adults purchased gift cards last year.

  Gift cards can be used for multiple purposes including: merchandise return cards, employee incentive, marketing tactics, etc.

  Gift cards can be issued in any denomination, are re-loadable and re-usable

  Gift cards provide an easily managed form of accounting - track activity by store, venue, issues, account or by individual card.