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Products & Services

GRI provides a complete suite of stored value and payment processing services designed to help
grow your business or non-profit organization.

Fundraising/Donation Program

Establish a year round campaign that gives back to business, local schools, other non-profits and the community.  Completely transparent with a measurable ROI.
Consumers shop with national companies from the comfort of their home and support the school, church or non-profit of choice.  Each time a sale is made from any of our malls a percentage of the sale goes to the organization of choice.

Tap into an email marketing module that understands your customer demographics, interests and spending history.  Deliver targeted marketing to proven customers.

Money is king.  Load cash back on rewards cards and use them as incentives to encourage repeat customers. Our custom rewards cards are a great way to kick off new marketing campaigns. Customers redeem the value of your rewards card only after your criteria has been met.
Paperless Database Building

GRI helps you effortlessly build your customer database through a variety of activation options including email, text messaging and social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yelp.

Full Service Consulting

Soup to nuts we do it all, custom created gift and rewards all-in-one card programs.  Integrated text and email campaigns custom created for your specific need.   Tell us your ideas and our design team will make them a reality.

Custom Gift Card Programs

Gift cards are one of the most effective and reasonable ways to attract new customers. They are also one of the most rewarding, effective and reasonable ways to increase cash flow, sales and company value while building brand awareness.