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Benefits to Your Business

"The Winning Formula to Increase Revenue"

Plus These Added Benefits...


  Can be set up in 60 minutes or less

  Increase profits as customers return more frequently
  Allows you to direct marketing dollars to the areas
    of greatest return

  Increase customer visits during off peak times

  Keep your business on top of your customer's minds

  Create precisely targeted direct mail specific to 
    customer segment and purchase habits

  Automatically scores and segments your customers

  Encourages customer loyalty as makes customers feel
    like you really 
know them.

  Save time and money - our program that runs on 
   auto-pilot, there is no need for data entry

  Contains a customer retention engine that
    keeps customers coming back to your business

  Will get lost customers to return to your

  Customize offers to specific customers

  Eliminate e-mail coupon fraud as each coupon
    has its own unique coding

  Send customized messages by e-mail, SMS or direct mail
    to specific customer segments based on value to your business.

  Real-time charts and data to help track value and return