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Gift Card Program

Attract New Customers and Build Repeat Business
Through Gift Cards

How to attract new customers and turn them into valuable, repeat buyers is one of the greatest challenges faced by most companies. What steps will YOUR company take to attract new customers and keep these customers coming back and spending more at your establishment?

Gift cards can be one of the most effective and reasonable ways to attract new customers and develop them into solid, repeat buyers.  Gift cards are also one of the most rewarding, effective and reasonable ways to  increase sales and company value while building brand awareness and setting your business apart from the competition.

Gift Card Facts:

•  Americans spent over $26 billion in gift cards during the holiday season

•  Most card holders spend 33% more than the value of their gift cards (ticket lift)
•  2 out of 3 people purchased or received gift cards in 2010

•  75% of customers spend more than the value of the gift card

•  On average 12% of gift card value is never redeemed (breakage)

•  Approximately 15% of gift cards recipients never cash them in
•  Over 80% of consumers plan on buying 1 or more gift cards next
    holiday season

•  Consumers are 10 times more likely to buy a card over a paper certificate

• Gift cards can be used for store credit, promotional programs or as 
return cards

Build Stored Value Within Your Customers Wallets

Gift cards act as walking billboards tucked inside your customer's wallets.  These attractively designed, plastic cards featureyour logo and contact information to promote brand awareness and keep your business front and center in your customer's mind. They also serve as a constant reminder to your customer of the need to return to your business every time they open their wallets.

Any balance remaining on a gift card brings your customers back.  It is a proven fact that most individuals who receive a gift card spend over and above the value of the card.  Gift card tracking features let you review customers spending habits, manage store and employee performance, and control expenses quickly and easily.

Additional Information . .

Stay Ahead of  Your Competition

Let us show you how to grow your sales and keep one step ahead of the competition.  We provide every ingredient necessary for you to reach your sale potential including:

•  Premium custom designed cards

•  Complete marketing tools

•  Real-time processing

•  Guidance & consultation

•  In house graphics team

•  24 hour customer service